Climate Change

JBA has a climate change flood model for every country in the world, placing the challenges posed by global warming at the heart of our business. Building on our ground-breaking global flood modelling JBA offers probabilistic flood models for any country worldwide showing both baseline and future risk.

The data we produce is incorporated in JBA’s Climate Change Data, the most comprehensive data suite available for understanding the potential impacts of climate change on your flood exposure. Compare the climate change data with the baseline Location-Level Flood Data to understand the changes in future risk.

Whether you’re in re/insurance, financial services or government/DRR, we can help you manage your risk and become more resilient, whatever the climate.

Climate Change Flood Data

JBA’s Climate Change Depths, Climate Change Scores, Climate Change Floodability, and Climate Change Pricing Data provide insight into the potential risks posed by a changing climate at any location worldwide. Read more

Climate Change Flood Models

Develop an understanding of future climate change risk with JBA’s models for every country worldwide, which combine the latest climate science and market-leading expertise helping you prepare for the future.

Bespoke Data

Leading the way in providing customisable data for regulatory stress testing, mitigation strategy planning, portfolio analysis, re/insurance pricing and more, in the climate of today and tomorrow.

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If you want to find out more about JBA's growing suite of climate change-related products and services or would like to speak to a member of our climate change team, get in touch.


As the only organisation to offer both high resolution flood mapping and probabilistic flood modelling for every country on the globe, alongside climate change views of risk, we can provide trusted scientific insights wherever you write your business.

Property and lending

Whether you want to analyse at building or site level, or need assistance with asset screening in the property development and utility sector, our maps can help you gain a complete view of your clients’ natural hazard exposure.

Asset management

Stay informed about climate change impacts on your assets with JBA’s ever-evolving natural hazard data, which is available for any part of the world. You can also rely on our models to respond to stress testing and climate reporting.

International development

Through the application of our market leading flood modelling and analysis tools, and our knowledge of all forms of flooding and associated hazards we can help you inform your planning and build resilience.