Environmental Sustainability and Net Zero initiative

JBA’s commitment to meet Net Zero

Sustainability has always been important to JBA. We are very much aware of the impact of climate change by the very nature of the work in which we are involved. As a business, we’re determined to do everything we can to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations and activities and we’re committed to making the changes needed to reduce our resource use and cut our carbon footprint.

Our Sustainability and Environmental Management Policy sets out our objectives for environmental sustainability and our Carbon & Resource Management Plan details how we will achieve these objectives.

Guided by our plan, we aim to make positive changes across our business with the ultimate aim of becoming a Net Zero business, spearheaded by our Group Sustainability Manager, David Revill.

Given the nature of our work and that of our clients, climate change is at the forefront of our minds and we’re acutely aware of the threats we face both locally and as a global society. We’re in a climate emergency and JBA is determined to do what it can to minimise its climate impacts, whilst looking for ways to contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes.
David Revill, JBA Sustainability Manager

As part of the We Mean Business Coalition, we've added our signature to over 600 other companies calling for more to be done by global leaders in advance of the G20 Summit and COP26 climate conference by:

  • Strengthening commitments (Nationally Determined Contributions) to reduce global emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050
  • Immediately ending the development and financing of new coal power stations, and committing to phasing out coal power generation by 2030 in advanced economies, and 2040 in other countries
  • Aligning public spending, COVID-19 recovery funding and other fiscal policies with a 1.5°C warming trajectory, whilst ensuring sufficient support for climate change adaptation and resilience measures.

Read more about JBA's sustainability goals in an interview with David Revill, JBA Sustainability Manager, and in the video below.

For more information, email David Revill, Group Sustainability Manager or get in touch via the website.

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