Asset Management

Stay informed about climate change impacts on your assets with JBA’s ever-evolving natural hazard data, which is available for any part of the world.

We are renowned for helping banks and asset managers tackle rapidly developing regulatory requirements related to climate change. Clients use our models to respond to stress testing and climate reporting.

With the option to look at changes to average annual losses for different scenarios (time horizons), our data enables you to choose the right assets for investment, with confidence.


Analyse the risks posed by climate change on your assets, including but not limited to real estate, infrastructure, credit, and equity exposures.


Portfolio managers will be able to manage assets effortlessly by looking at our physical risk indicators alongside the usual financial parameters.


Perils affected by climate change can have a significant impact on the supply chain; intelligence on these risks can reduce the risk of business interruption.


With sustainability (Environmental, Social, and Governance) targets in mind, wcan help you assess the physical risks to assets within a portfolio.

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Climate Change

JBA now has a global climate change flood model for every country in the world, placing the challenges posed by global heating at the heart of our business.

Flood Data

We are proud to be world leaders in the field of flood mapping and analytics, creating data used by some of the world’s largest insurers, reinsurers, brokers, governments and property sectors around the globe.

Event Response

Our specialist event response team monitors global conditions to provide expert commentary, guidance and data for major flood events, allowing you to understand the effect on your portfolio.


We work on a bespoke basis to offer unique solutions to your flood risk problems, from single site assessments and flood defence design to portfolio optimisation and tailored model builds, working with you to meet your needs.