Climate Change Flood Data

JBA Flood Data is the largest and most comprehensive data suite available for understanding current (baseline) and future flood risk anywhere in the world.

Using the latest flood risk intelligence and climate science, JBA’s location-level data enables users to develop a greater understanding around flood risk now and in the future. The data encompasses river (fluvial) and surface water (pluvial) flooding, with coastal (storm surge) available in specific regions.

The easy-access, regularly updated data comprises:

Flood Depths: Derived from our high-resolution flood maps, the depth data enables you to quantify current flood depths and indicates potential changes at any location, under multiple scenarios and time horizons. By comparing baseline and Climate Change Flood Depths, you can identify areas where flooding may become more or less severe in a future scenario.

Flood Scores: JBA’s Flood Scores combine potential flood depths and frequency to provide ratings for different flood types and combined flood. The easy-to-use scores offer you detailed differentiation of a location’s overall susceptibility to flood. The Climate Change Flood Scores are directly comparable to baseline Flood Scores for quick assessment of changes in flood risk due to climate change impacts.

Floodability: JBA’s Floodability data provides a view of flood risk at a specific location using a six-banded colour rating scale, allowing quick and easy flood risk identification. The Climate Change Floodability Data is directly comparable to the baseline data, enabling you to assess potential changes in future risk.

Pricing Data: Combining information on flood hazard and vulnerability, JBA’s Pricing Data provides a quantitative average annual loss estimate for flood. Using projected changes in flood frequency and depths, our Climate Change Pricing Data shows how the costs from flooding could change under different climate scenarios and time horizons. Comparing it with baseline Pricing Data can help you understand potential changes in loss.

JBA Flood Data is available in multiple data formats and can be accessed easily via API for any location worldwide or via our trusted partners.

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JBA Risk Management Limited cannot predict the future. All climate change data provided by JBA should be used with caution and are based on a sound understanding of the limitations and uncertainties in such data. JBA’s climate data and services are based on scientifically credible data from third party (climate modelling) organisations and JBA’s own robust development methodologies. These models have known deficiencies and limitations in their representation of physical risk. Given there are no observations of the future, such models also cannot be validated in the same way as baseline data. As with the available data based on third-party climate models, JBA’s data are only an illustration of one of many possible changes that might happen based on one or more idealised climate scenarios.