Global Flood Maps

Our global flood maps provide flood extents and depths for multiple return periods across a range of flood sources.


Our global flood maps provide flood extents and depths for multiple return periods, covering both river and surface water flooding, as well as coastal flooding in some countries. This allows for a consistent and comprehensive view of global flood hazard.

We are constantly striving to improve our maps though new data, research and innovation. We go to great lengths to ensure we are using the highest quality elevation data, which is a key input to any flood map. We offer 30m global flood maps for every country in the world, as well as 5m flood maps for the UK, US and Continental Europe, providing a more granular view of the risk in urban areas and areas prone to surface water (pluvial) flooding.

By distinguishing between different types of flooding, and by using 2D hydraulic modelling, we are able to simulate complex flooding to create our maps. Our commitment to quality and innovation means we are trusted implicitly to supply the best quality data to our clients. Our UK flood maps, for example, include mapping of six flood types: river, surface water, coastal, groundwater, dam break and canal failure, giving you a comprehensive view of your risk.

We're committed to ensuring our clients can access our data in a way that suits them. Our global flood maps are platform agnostic and available:

  • In-house directly from JBA
  • Via our wide range of resellers.
  • As part of a consultancy service to help identify exposure hotspots, run per-risk flood assessments and manage accumulations.

Get in touch today to find out more about our leading global flood maps or check out our analytics and flood ratings data. You can also read our full executive briefing which provides an overview of our global flood maps.

Catastrophe Models

Our suite of high-resolution catastrophe models and event sets utilise the latest science to assess the potential severity and frequency of flood losses to global property portfolios.

Maps and Analytics

Our market-leading high-resolution global flood maps and analytics enable users to understand and manage their flood risk, using the latest research and innovation.


We work on a bespoke basis to offer unique solutions to your flood risk problems, from single site assessments and flood defence design to portfolio optimisation and tailored model builds, working with you to meet your needs.

Event Response

Our specialist event response team monitors global conditions to provide expert commentary, guidance and data for major flood events, allowing you to understand the impact on your business.