International Development

Through collaboration, transparency and knowledge sharing, the expertise of the re/insurance modelling community can be applied on to hazard quantification and risk mitigation for the protection of populations and economies at significant risk from current and future climate.

JBA is proud to be part of this community, working with industry partners like the Insurance Development Forum and the World Bank to deliver appropriate, effective and sustainable solutions to governments, humanitarian agencies and international financial institutions working in vulnerable countries around the world.

Our market-leading flood modelling and analysis tools and our knowledge of all forms of flooding and associated hazards enable us to help clients to understand and interpret their own risk metrics, informing their planning and building resilience.


Responsive analysis of flood risk for any country in the world based on openly available exposure data or client selected data. Informs project planning and further development in analysis of risk to people, economic activity and infrastructure.


Support and intelligence for global and local organisations and stakeholders to understand their risk landscape and the insight that catastrophe modelling and risk analysis tools can provide to inform their future plans. Flexibility to incorporate local data into existing models and tools to refine the estimation of risk.


Intelligence to profile risk and support the design and definition of thresholds for payment or action; monitoring services aligned with risk profiling to support the calculation of triggers for sovereign finance, anticipatory action, and parametric insurance.


Consistent, global flood maps at 30m resolution, with additional local or regional analysis in relation to client-specific and relevant exposures.

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Catastrophe Models

Our suite of high-resolution catastrophe models and event sets utilise the latest science to assess the potential severity and frequency of flood losses to global property portfolios.

Climate Change

JBA now has a global climate change flood model for every country in the world, placing the challenges posed by global heating at the heart of our business.

Event response

Our specialist event response team monitors global conditions to provide expert commentary, guidance and data for major flood events, allowing you to understand the effect on your portfolio.

Flood Data

We are proud to be world leaders in the field of flood mapping and analytics, creating data used by some of the world’s largest insurers, reinsurers, brokers, governments and property sectors around the globe.


We work on a bespoke basis to offer unique solutions to your flood risk problems, from single site assessments and flood defence design to portfolio optimisation and tailored model builds, working with you to meet your needs.