Canada Flood Map
and Pricing Data

Our 2018 Canada Flood Pricing Data are now available to complement our Canada flood mapping for fluvial, pluvial and storm surge flooding, enabling more effective risk management across the country.

JBA estimates that over 10 million people, almost a third of the population, will be exposed to inland flood risk by 2020 in Canada, while a study from Natural Resources Canada finds that the frequency and magnitude of storm surge flooding is set to increase in the future. Comprehensive, national-scale flood data is key to managing and properly insuring this risk.

JBA’s Canada Flood Map and Pricing Data were the first to offer national coverage for all major flood types at 30m resolution, enabling insurers to reliably assess and quantify fluvial, pluvial and storm surge flood risks. The maps and pricing data™ can be used for indicative property-level flood assessment for insurance risk selection, pricing and underwriting; portfolio management and optimisation; and land use planning by governments and disaster risk reduction schemes.

The updated JBA Canada Flood Map and Pricing Data can be accessed in a range of formats directly from JBA or via our network of resellers for easy integration into existing systems. We also offer consultancy services to help you identify exposure hotspots, run bespoke flood assessments and manage accumulations. 

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