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Climate change and future flood risk poses a significant threat to global re/insurers, the wider financial and property sector, and international sustainability strategies. In Great Britain alone, JBA estimates that almost a fifth of all properties could be exposed to flooding during a 200-year event by 2040.

Organisations need the best and most comprehensive data for effective long-term risk management, and to meet regulatory expectations.

JBA’s groundbreaking new Climate Change Analytics can help.

The largest and most comprehensive data suite available for understanding potential flood risk under a changing climate.

  • Full range of Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) climate scenarios
  • Every 5-year time period from 2025 until the end of the century
  • Globally scalable methodology, with data available anywhere in the world on request
  • High resolution
  • Dynamic dataset, updated with the latest flood risk science and third party property data
  • Easy and simple format for connecting with in-house property-level data

Effectively analyse the potential scale of the climate change challenge and improve long-term flood risk management decision-making.

  • Risk/ asset screening and selection
  • Re/insurance underwriting and pricing
  • Exposure and portfolio management
  • Capital management
  • Regulatory stress testing

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We’ve been working with the JBA team for five years now and their sophisticated data is vital in helping us understand our flood exposure and the financial risk it poses. JBA’s data effectively identifies which locations in the UK are at risk of flooding, which allows us to make upfront decisions on new mortgage originations to inform our long-term risk management. The introduction of Climate Change Analytics demonstrates a real step forward in applying this knowledge to future flooding. This is helping us to manage our portfolio and plan for future climate changes over the term of a mortgage.
Robert Stevens, Head of Property Risk, Nationwide Building Society

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The Climate Change Analytics are complemented by our UK Climate Change Flood Model – the first of its kind for the UK market.