Global Flood Maps

JBA’s Global Flood Maps enable re/insurers to understand and manage their exposure to inland flood at any location across the world.

According to JBA research, 2 billion people (almost a quarter of the world’s population), will be at risk to inland flood by 2020. Furthermore, this number is expected to increase in the future due to changing climates.

JBA’s Global Flood Maps use sophisticated methodologies and a globally consistent dataset to enable insurers to better manage this hazard and perform flood analysis on an equivalent basis across the world.

The maps cover river and surface water (pluvial) flood hazard and are modelled at 30 metre resolution for six return periods, with users able to view river and surface water layers separately in assessments to understand the different drivers of loss. The river flood map is complemented by global defence data to indicate areas that are protected by flood defences, enabling users to assess the hazard in line with their own risk appetite.

Insurers can use the maps to perform indicative property-level flood assessments, enabling improved risk selection and underwriting, as well as more effective exposure accumulation management, hotspot identification and portfolio planning on a global scale.

When used in conjunction with our Global Flood Event Set and suite of probabilistic catastrophe models, the maps enable a consistent view of risk across the transfer chain, from location-level risk selection, pricing and underwriting to portfolio management and optimisation.

We also offer higher resolution 5m mapping for the UK, Continental Europe and the US.

How can I access the Global Flood Maps?

The Global Flood Maps are provided in a range of formats to suit individual needs. JBA offers the data directly or via consultancy services for more bespoke assessments. We also have a trusted network of resellers – get in touch to find out which option may be best for you.

For more information on our Global Flood Maps, read our executive briefing.

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