Happy 10th birthday to
JBA’s leading flood maps!

2018 marked 10 years of JBA’s cutting-edge flood mapping.

The development of JBA flood maps began in the summer of 2007, when devastating floods hit the UK. The events highlighted the need for a more comprehensive UK flood map that accounted for all three flood types (river, coastal and surface water). Up until that point, UK insurance data was based only on river and coastal flood, despite surface water being a leading cause of flood damage.

As a result, JBA Risk Management® was established to continue JBA’s work in developing 5m UK flood maps, giving the insurance industry a full and complete picture of flood in the UK for all three flood types. These maps led the way in the industry and pioneered the technology needed to develop the maps in a usable way for insurers and reinsurers. 

Since this beginning, elevation data has developed significantly and technological advances have brought us to the latest version of the UK Flood Map that supports our leading UK Flood and UK Climate Change Flood Models today. We have also developed flood maps worldwide; Europe and Asia, from 2009, and globally, from 2014. These maps are also utilised in our global catastrophe models.

Our maps are continually being improved and updated, using the latest research to remain at the forefront of flood risk management practices. Our Canada flood maps, for example, have utilised the latest methodology and techniques to improve the view of flood risk across the country. We have updated our Continental Europe flood mapping to 5m resolution and also released our US Flood Maps at 5m resolution, the highest resolution data available for the country at national-scale.

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