Parametric Insurance

Globally consistent high-resolution flood data for parametric risk profiling

JBA has seen a surge of interest in the use of its flood data for parametric insurance structuring and contract structuring.

With Global Flood Maps, Global Event Sets and the world’s only probabilistic Global Flood Model, JBA is uniquely placed to offer high-resolution, globally-consistent flood data for parametric risk profiling. This information can be used to assess the long-term hazard or risk exceedance probability for any location in the world. JBA also has the capability to model bespoke trigger thresholds to determine the appropriate trigger depending on risk appetite.

When combined with Flood Foresight, JBA has the capability to forecast and monitor flood conditions globally and determine whether trigger thresholds have been met. This process can be pre-, during or post-event allowing automatic payout and saving time and administration costs.

Read how JBA has partnered with Flood Flash and Global Parametrics to establish parametric insurance policy.

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