Global Flood Modelling

JBA’s global flood modelling capability is the first of its kind in the industry, offering the unique ability to probabilistically assess river (fluvial) and surface water (pluvial) flood risk for every country in the world.

Our modelling fills gaps left by currently available catastrophe models, offers an alternative to existing models, and, for the first time, enables consistent comparison of loss across country and continental borders worldwide.

Its underpinned by our market-leading Global Flood Map and Global Flood Event Set, capitalising on over 10 years of flood modelling expertise.

The unprecedented flexibility and global coverage of JBA’s flood modelling is made possible by our new modelling technology. By accessing data directly at analysis time, this revolutionary approach enables you to build a model on the fly for the exposure you choose, rather than being restricted by pre-built parameters.

It means you can utilise JBA’s extensive datasets in full, without unnecessary summarising, and build tailored analysis specific to your needs.

Through enabling truly global probabilistic quantification of loss for the first time, you can implement improved reinsurance pricing, capital management, exposure accumulation management and portfolio planning at any location worldwide.


Our global modelling fits seamlessly within the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework, and subsequently supports standard Oasis interfaces – OED, results file formats, Oasis API, and uses the Oasis financial/risk metrics to generate ground up location level losses.

Our models are presented via Oasis and are platform agnostic, accessible in a variety of ways – NRMC (Nasdaq), Elements (Impact Forecasting) or via integration with your in-house workflows.


Please get in touch for more information and to begin a test and evaluation of the model.