Women in STEM: meet the JBA team

At JBA, our work encompasses a huge variety of scientific disciplines. Projects can range from conducting field surveys following flood events and mapping flood hazard using geographic information systems (GIS), to considering the economic impact of natural hazards across the world for re/insurers.

The JBA team is made up of some of the best experts in their fields, with specialisms in everything from meteorology to astrophysics. To celebrate women in STEM, we asked a few of our female colleagues about their work at JBA and the different academic journeys they experienced.

Pictured right: Emma Raven collecting observations data at JBA’s rain gauge.

Leading the company's climate change capability means that I'm immersed in science every day – which is great because I love it! My scientific curiosity started young, wading across rivers as a child and learning how they behave. It made sense to follow my interests through university, culminating in a PhD in fluvial systems. Now, I spend my days working with colleagues with expertise in a wide range of scientific disciplines (maths, computing, hydrology, hydraulics and meteorology, to name a few) who come together to develop data and services for flood risk management.
Dr Emma Raven, Climate Change Lead
I completed my degree in Geography and, since then, have had the opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained in my role as a GIS and Flood Mapping Specialist at JBA. On a daily basis I can be checking river flow data, running hydraulic models to create flood maps, using spatial analysis to source new elevation and land cover data, and I even do some field work now and again by volunteering to read our onsite rain gauge.
Hannah Kellett, GIS and Flood Mapping Specialist
At university I studied Physical Geography (BSc) and Hydroinformatics (MSc). My interests have always been mathematics and the environment, especially water, and my role as a Scientific Software Developer enables me to combine all of my interests. I’m currently researching how we can use machine learning to predict and map areas at risk of flooding – I love problem-solving and the challenges of coming up with new methodologies.
Catharine Brown, Scientific Software Developer
I use my PhD in Geography every day in my job. As a Process Architect, I work in research and development, data science, hydraulic modelling and problem-solving. On any day, I implement ideas to improve what we do now and work on R&D projects to investigate how to improve what we do in the future.
Dr Ashleigh Massam, Process Architect
I studied Computer Science and Environmental Management at Keele University and now work as a Systems Administrator. Science has taken me on an interesting route through environmental management, environmental engineering, nature conservation, ecology, environmental monitoring and now enabling other environmental scientists' work.
Joanne Thomas, Systems Administrator

Our fantastic team of scientists is integral to our work at JBA, creating world-leading flood risk data for our clients across the globe. We’re always looking for talented individuals to join us – find out more about JBA careers here.

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