Updated 5m resolution
Italy flood map

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest Italy flood mapping, updated to 5m resolution.

Studies show that the number of devastating flood events stemming from river and surface water has more than doubled in Europe over the past 30 years, with a proportionally higher increase in the frequency of events caused by surface water flooding (EASAC). Projections suggest this trend will continue, with effects exacerbated by climate change, particularly across Central and Western Europe.

The maps assist with these challenges by addressing river and surface water flooding at the highest resolution available in the market at national scale. 5m resolution mapping enables the most appropriate differentiation of properties at risk for greater confidence in property specific assessments, accumulation control and risk management by insurers, reinsurers, brokers and property search companies.

As river and surface water flood behave in different ways and have different impacts on risk, our experienced hydrologists separately model these two flood types, providing an opportunity to consider surface water flooding independently in the risk assessment process.

The river flood map is complemented by river flood defence data delineating areas protected by flood defences. This allows clients to assess flood risk against their own risk preferences by incorporating all, some or none of the defence data in the assessment.

When used in conjunction with our suite of probabilistic catastrophe models for Europe or our flood event sets, the maps enable a consistent view of risk across the transfer chain, from location-level risk selection pricing and underwriting to portfolio management and optimisation.

The updated JBA Italy Flood Map can be accessed directly from JBA or via our network of resellers for easy integration into existing systems. We also offer consultancy services to help identify exposure hotspots, run per-risk flood assessments and manage accumulations.

For more information, get in touch today or read our Italy Flood Map Executive Briefing. We have also released our updated 5m France Flood Map, with other European countries currently in development at 5m resolution.


European Academics Science Advisory Council (easac) – Extreme weather events in Europe, March 2018 (https://easac.eu/fileadmin/PDF_s/reports_statements/Extreme_Weather/EASAC_Extreme_Weather_2018_web_23March.pdf).

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