A year of global flood reports: 2021


Access the latest flood risk analysis by downloading JBA's 2021 global flood report round-up below.

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2021 was a year like no other for natural disaster. From a hurricane in the Mediterranean to record rainfall in China, communities around the world struggled with severe flooding - and the wide-ranging damage it can bring.

JBA's Event Response team was on hand to help organisations understand the impact of these events, providing detailed analysis in our specialist flood reports.

These reports covered some of the largest weather events of 2021, from typhoons in Asia to hurricanes in the US and flash flooding in Europe. The top 10 events have caused damages in excess of $170 billion USD and impacted the lives of over 15 million people around the world.

You can now access the latest flood risk analysis in the new round-up of JBA's 2021 global flood reports - just leave your details via the form to download it.

Our Event Response team monitors global conditions to ensure our clients can respond rapidly as major flood events occur, enabling organisations across the re/insurance, financial, International Development and Disaster Risk Reduction sectors to manage the risk effectively.

Some of the event reports are accompanied by flood footprints, estimating extents and depths of flooding during these events, and developed using our world-leading global flood data.

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