2019 UK Flood Map Update

We’re pleased to announce the release of the 2019 UK Flood Map update. Our market-leading UK map covers river (fluvial), surface water (pluvial) and coastal flood across Great Britain and Northern Ireland at 5m resolution.

We regularly update our mapping to make use of the best available input data, including elevation data, rainfall and river gauge data, sea-level data and flood defence data.

The defended and undefended coastal flood maps have been updated for the north east, south east and south west coast of England. Several key cities in England and Wales have had river and surface water updates, with flood defence data updates in Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

Through high-resolution mapping of flood, re/insurers can perform an indicative property-level flood assessment for improved risk selection, underwriting, pricing and portfolio management.

The map also separately identifies the three flood types, providing a more comprehensive insight into which flood type may be the driver of losses and what the potential claims costs may be.

The mapping is accompanied by a range of associated data, including simple flood risk scores and colour-coded flood ratings at property level. The latest UK Pricing Data release, which incorporates the updates from the 2019 UK Flood Map and provides a technical price for flood at each location, will be available in January 2020. We also offer a UK Flood Model for quantifying flood risk across a UK portfolio.

The mapping can also be used alongside our range of climate change data to understand potential changes in flood risk across the UK.

For more information on any of our UK data, please get in touch. We also have 5m flood maps available for the Republic of Ireland and Continental Europe, as well as 30m flood mapping globally.

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