2018 Event Response

We’re pleased to announce this year’s event response round-up, a compilation of our event response work in 2018. 

Our specialist event response team monitors global conditions to ensure our clients can respond rapidly as major flood events occur, enabling insurers and reinsurers to identify areas affected and manage their resources. This year, we’ve produced commentaries and reports for flooding around the world, covering events from the UK and Nigeria to the US and Japan, including hurricanes Michael and Florence and Typhoon Mangkhut.

Alongside this, we also produce flood footprints covering the estimated extents and depths for surface water and river flooding during these major events which are available upon request from our event response team. These flood footprints are created using our global flood maps including our new 5m UK, US, France and Italy flood maps. 

Read the full 2018 Event Response round-up here.

Get in touch to find out more about our event response work or global flood data.

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