Global Flood Model

JBA’s Global Flood Model is the first of its kind, offering re/insurers the unique ability to model river (fluvial) and surface water (pluvial) flood at 30m resolution anywhere in the world.

The Global Flood Model fills gaps left by currently available catastrophe models, offers an alternative to existing models, and, for the first time, enables consistent comparison of loss across country and continental borders worldwide.

The Global Flood Model uses JBA’s market-leading Global Flood Map and Global Flood Event Set, incorporating over 15 million hydrological events and the opportunity to choose the hours clause.

The model is powered by FLY Technology – JBA’s revolutionary analysis engine, providing new levels of customisation for today’s forward-thinking catastrophe risk professional. Through FLY, users can investigate and customise nearly every aspect of the model, including the hours clause, size of exposed area, source of flooding, vulnerabilities, defences and more, and choose if and when to adopt the latest updates.

FLY alters the way models are used and developed by bringing a model into being at runtime directly from the data, rather than precompiling a model. As a result, users can choose the hazard data most appropriate to their portfolio against which to run the model. 

Through enabling truly global probabilistic quantification of loss for the first time, re/insurers can implement improved reinsurance pricing, capital management, exposure accumulation management and portfolio planning at any location worldwide.

Model access

The FLY-enabled Global Flood Model fits seamlessly within the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework, supported through the Oasis API. JBA consultancy services and in-house installations are also available.

Want to find out more?

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