We’re always happy to see our data go further, and so we work with trusted resellers to channel our professional insights into a variety of specialisms.

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Airbus Defence and Space

Airbus Defence and Space incorporates the JBA Comprehensive Flood Map into the Terrasure service, which provides an online service for insurance underwriters and claims managers to interrogate risk at a property level.  The service is aimed at smaller businesses, who require risk assessment to be provided on a transactional basis, rather than making investment in national datasets.

Airbus Defence and Space also provides data management services to insurers and insurance intermediaries, whereby the JBA CFM is processed against a GB address dataset on a quarterly basis in order to provide a flood risk score for every address. This core table can then be efficiently referenced by a quotation system, avoiding the need for geospatial searching to be undertaken in order to generate each quotation.


Argyll Environmental Limited

Argyll Environmental Limited specialises in environmental and flood risk reports.

For our flood reports and combined (flood and environmental) reports we undertake detailed desktop risk assessments for potential surface water flooding.

To do this we use the JBA Surface Water Flooding Dataset which provides us with the depths of flooding, for each separate property. This enables us to inform our clients whether or not surface water flooding may pose a real risk to their property and give practical advice on what to do.


Bluesky International

Bluesky International is a customer focused company dedicated to delivering first class, innovative geographic datasets and services at affordable prices. We maintain national aerial photography, height data, tree and vegetation mapping and our expertise also includes LiDAR and thermal airborne acquisition and photogrammetry. We have added JBA data to our data suite to allow consultants and planners easy, rapid and cost effective access to JBA datasets through our online data service, primarily for use within Flood Risk Assessments. In 2015 Bluesky also aim to provide a service to the government and Local Authorities in order to help them identify property level flood risk.



Business Insight is a UK based independent company specialising in providing perils risk models, quote enrichment data and premium analysis software to the insurance industry.

Our geographic risk mapping solution, Location Matters© has been specifically designed to assist insurers with underwriting, exposure management and risk selection. 

Property risk in the insurance industry is dependent on a range of factors linked to the physical location. This includes the local environment, the types and construction of buildings, local crime rates, the demographic make-up of the population and physical hazards such as flooding, storm or extreme cold weather, all of which need to be considered when assessing each risk.

Location Matters© addresses the requirements of today’s insurance professional by providing a deeper insight into perils risk analysis by address in the UK. JBA flood data is integrated into the Location Matters© solution and is used to identify areas at risk from various flood types. Thus combining state-of-the-art risk mapping technology with a complete set of best of breed perils risk models including the market leading Business Insight data models for the UK property insurance market.


DMTI Spatial

DMTI Spatial, a Digital Map Products company, is the Canadian market leader in location based information and data quality. For almost 20 years, DMTI Spatial has been providing industry leading location economics and Master Address Management (MAM) solutions to Global 2000 companies and government agencies. DMTI Spatial is the creator of market leading CanMap® mapping solutions, Location Hub® and maintains the gold standard for GIS location-based data in Canada. DMTI Spatial is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

DMTI Spatial has added JBA to our Location Hub Ecosystem in order to offer flood data and tiles for integration into real-time applications using DMTI’s Location Hub Services.



emapsite’s data provisioning platform provides access to location content from more than 30 providers, all recognised as leaders in their markets with proven track records.

Good business decisions are made on accurate insight; organisations need access to the best data managed by the right people. As a leading exponent of online geographic data solutions focusing on the provision of digital mapping and location content to the professional user, emapsite supplies JBA flood data to various markets, most notably the Insurance sector but also including utilities, land and property management, financial services, environment, engineering and conveyancing.

emapsite’s data provisioning platform includes JBA’s full suite of flood datasets; the UK Annual Damage Ratio (ADR), the UK Comprehensive Flood Model (CFM), European Flood Model (EFM) and Global Flood Model (GFM).  Easy to use, quick and reliable access to JBA data and multi-layered content options (such as view perils and impact to asset) is available on demand via emapsite Reports, Screens, Data-as-a-Service (API, OGC compliant Web Services and XML) and as direct file supply of (GIS-ready, where applicable) datasets and updates. Services include licence compliance (e.g. licence expiry notification) and periodic billing, covering options such as geographic area limits and extract-only-what-you-need based usage.


Europa Technologies

Europa Technologies uses JBA’s industry-leading flood models within its SaaS risk assessment platform, Risk Insight. The flood models, together with other perils data sets, are analysed using tailor-made risk algorithms and visualised for a clear picture of risk and aggregated exposure.

The flood models can also be consumed as DaaS (Data as a Service) in a broad range of desktop mapping applications and web mapping APIs using the award-winning via Europa hosted map service.


Future Climate Info

Future Climate Info (FCI) provides a market leading suite of residential and commercial Environmental Reports on Contaminated Land, Flood, Ground Stability and Energy & Infrastructure for due diligence in conveyancing. Reports provide extensive data from key sources, full risk assessments on all data with clear solutions, presented clearly and succinctly.

FCI’s Reports include JBA's UK Comprehensive Flood Map and Insurability Index alongside other key datasets, providing a comprehensive desk top perspective of the potential flood risks, as well as the likelihood of obtaining flood insurance.

FCI is regulated by RICS, and every FCI Report includes a full Professional Opinion from a Chartered Environmental Surveyor. FCI Reports assist with best practice due diligence and are also compliant with the Law Society guidance in screening for Environmental and Flood Risks.



Gamma's solutions have been integrated throughout our customer organisations to allow them to access JBA data when capturing addresses in contact centres, websites and through internal applications. Gamma has developed an insurance solution using Pitney Bowes Spectrum Spatial software that allows underwriters to map the location of all existing policies, calculate the Estimated Maximum Loss in the area of interest and determine if they are willing to take on more risk in that area. JBA data is crucial to identifying the flood risk in these areas.



GroundSure is a leading environmental risk company providing data and intelligence solutions in the planning and property industry. We use JBA’s flood datasets in our reports to raise awareness of any potential flood risks to our clients ahead of the purchasing decision. 

The flood and environmental (flood and contaminated land) reports we provide (both residential and commercial) ensure that our clients have accurate and up to date information on their site. All of our products are compliant with regulatory bodies and are seen as best practice by a number of leading lenders.



Imagecat is an international risk management innovation company supporting worldwide risk and catastrophe management needs. Inhance is its new platform for understanding and improving global exposure data for insurers, brokers, reinsurers and reinsurance brokers and large corporates.

Launched in May 2014, inhance offers JBA’s Global Flood Maps as part of its comprehensive range of hazard datasets. By using the JBA flood maps in inhance, international property owners and re/insurers can get a better understanding of their flood exposures at address level. 


Intermap Technologies

InsitePro is Intermap Technologies' SaaS product for visualizing and analyzing risk from multiple perils around the world.  In addition to the models included with the product, InsitePro offers a platform for users to subscribe to JBA flood models.  The combination of JBA’s models with InsitePro’s quick and easy software and Intermap’s elevation datasets makes a compelling product for property & casualty carriers, brokers and risk managers, everywhere.


Landmark Information Group

JBA data are used in a variety of our reports to help our clients (and homeowners) make informed decisions about flood risk during a residential and/or commercial transaction. 

Environmental & bespoke flood reports (for residential properties) are used by solicitors and conveyancers to help them comply with their own regulatory requirements, as well as to help advise their clients on the level of flood risk.  These include Envirosearch, Homecheck Professional, Homecheck Flood (for consumers) – all under the Landmark Information Group banner.  Our sister company, Argyll, also offers Flood Solutions Residence.

The same clients as for residential property use our commercial property products: Sitecheck (Landmark) and Site Solutions (Argyll).



LexisNexis is the leading provider of location and risk intelligence solutions to the global insurance industry. LexisNexis’s risk assessment and exposure management software platform, Geo, allows insurance companies to aggregate risk data from multiple sources, enabling them to make more informed underwriting decisions, better manage their risk and exposure, and reduce reinsurance costs. LexisNexis enables property underwriters to gain easy access to the latest JBA flood models through our underwriting platform. Over eight thousand commercial property underwriters rely on LexisNexis to assess their risk and manage their exposure.


Pitney Bowes Software

Pitney Bowes Software harmonises statistical information with high-quality modelling on a variety of perils into a single Risk Data Suite (RDS), and is updated regularly for critical location-based risk analysis (GIS) such as flood, crime, subsidence and proximity to emergency services and high risk areas (e.g. COMAH sites, airports). JBA supplies the flood data for coastal, riverine, surface, groundwater, dam breach, canal breach flooding.



Through SpatialKey, insurers have access to flood risk intelligence that enables faster underwriting decisions, higher underwriting profits, and reduced downstream costs associated with claims. We have integrated JBA Risk Management Limited's global flood maps into the SpatialKey Flood Underwriting application. Underwriters can now easily visualize and intuitively interact with detailed flood extents, depth data, and risk scores to quickly qualify and quote new business with a more complete understanding of flood risk while managing the impact of writing new risk on their existing book of business.