Here to help you understand flood risk

Flood is the most widespread and prevalent peril in the United States.  But it’s a complex hazard that requires highly nuanced modeling and mapping work.

Failure to use detailed, up-to-date, high quality information that considers all sources of flooding can lead to costly mistakes. We’re here to ensure you have everything you need to help with underwriting, pricing and accumulation control decisions.


We are the leading flood specialists

Our sophisticated modeling techniques are underpinned by cutting-edge science. We were the first to pioneer use of gaming technology to run our 2D hydraulic modeling software (JFlow®). And we’re at the forefront of innovation, with close links to several respected academic institutions. 

It’s the reason we’re the leading provider of flood risk information in both the UK and Canada. And it’s why we also have an impressive client base in Europe, Asia Pacific and beyond. 


Why choose JBA Risk Management


  • We model all types of flooding
    You need timely, comprehensive information to make well-informed and financially sound business decisions.

    It’s why we model all types of flooding, including fluvial and pluvial, and differentiate between the impacts of each. And it’s the reason we’re committed to regularly updating our datasets.

  • We make leading science usable
    We provide more than just flood maps, data and models.

    We’re experts in translating complex scientific data into easy to understand, useable information. We’re consultants too, which means we can provide a bespoke service if you need.

    Our aim is to make sure you have everything you require to help with underwriting, pricing, and accumulation control decisions.

  • We make our data work for you
    You might want data you can interrogate using your in-house GIS software. Or you may prefer a tabular format. We realize technology differs from company to company.

    That’s why we provide our information in a range of different ways – so that you can choose the best for you.


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