Case Studies


Creating a multi-peril model of The French Antilles


The French overseas territories of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy are collectively referred to as the French Antilles. The islands have a subtropical climate tempered by trade winds, with moderately high humidity and a rainy season from June to October. Periodically, the islands are affected by tropical storms; each is subjected to winds exceeding hurricane strength approximately once every ten years on average. 

Thailand Flood Map and Probabilistic Model

Following the 2011 Thailand floods, we wanted to quickly produce a flood map and probabilistic model that could subsequently be used across the market.

It took us just two months to produce the hazard map, with the full probablistic model completed one month later. The model is now used around the world to assist with reinsurance pricing and placement of Thai business.

Central Europe Flood Event Footprint

As soon as it became clear that the Central Europe floods in June 2013 were a serious event, we set about creating a flood footprint that would describe the extent and depth of the flooding.

Our footprint was not based on satellite data, but instead used our own historical flow data and the publicly available flow data for these floods from over 70 gauges. By comparing the flood data with our historical flow data we were able to derive return periods for the events.

Incorporating their ground survey results, our work produced the following comment from Willis:

Concurrent Coastal and Inland Flooding Risk Cases

We were tasked by the Environment Agency with providing a summary of the current evidence around the broad national risk of concurrent inland and coastal flooding.