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Building a better future together

As passionate collaborators, we have always championed an open approach to data and technology visibility. After all, progress is good for everyone.

With this in mind, we’re delighted to be at the forefront of open cat modelling, working with easy-access, flexible model-building initiatives like Oasis and RMS(one).  



We’re proud to be working with the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework team as an associate and data provider. The Oasis framework is an exciting step towards changing the way data can be accessed and models built – offering complete transparency to anyone interested in creating a model.

Owned by its members, Oasis is not-for-profit and plans to bring down the cost of modelling, as well as providing true flexibility for its users.

Oasis website
Oasis launch press release
Lloyd's comment on the Oasis framework



Pleased to collaborate in projects which make our high quality data more accessible, visible and usable, we are one of the first three independent risk modellers to implement models in new software platform RMS(one). RMS(one) is a new risk and exposure management platform which RMS unveiled at its Exceedance 2013 client conference in Boston on 08 May 2013.

RMS(one) will provide users with access to RMS's own catastrophe models and third party models in a single environment for the first time, enabling them to build a deeper and more complete view of their risk across multiple models. JBA Risk Management intends to incorporate its Thai flood model - the first river catastrophe model available for this territory - in the new platform, with more models to follow.

RMS(one) website
Reactions press release for RMS(one)