As leaders in producing natural hazard maps, we are proud to offer local as well as global flood maps, available at different resolutions to suit any purpose.

From our medium resolution 30m global flood maps  to our high resolution 5m UK and Ireland data, we create maps to suit different purposes and requirements.

See below for available maps.


Global Flood Maps

Our global flood maps cover all rivers and surface water and include defended areas.

As part of our dedication to leading our industry, we have mapped river flood for every catchment in the world. The global flood maps also indicate areas which are susceptible to significant surface water flooding. Defended areas are also included. The most sophisticated modelling techniques have been used for our global flood maps, based on the highest-resolution global elevation data available; its consistency simplifies the assessment of exposure in multinational portfolios. The Canada Flood Map has become the leading tool for flood insurance underwriters in Canada.

Interesting fact: the 1,500-year undefended map shows that 41% of Bangladesh is likely to flood.


Europe flood maps

We have modelled 288,500km of rivers in our Europe maps (in addition to their modelling coverage as part of the global coverage).

The Europe flood maps provide consistent modelling of major rivers across the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland to enable re/insurers to easily compare exposure between any or all of these countries. Already available at 10m resolution, the maps are being remodelled at 5m resolution. France will be the first country to become available at 5m at the end of 2016, with the other countries following soon after.  

These maps are suitable for use in both underwriting and accumulation modelling. Along with Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, they provide the underlying information for JBA Risk Management’s Europe probabilistic flood model, which enables the calculation of return period losses across Europe. 

The maps include defended areas where possible. 

Two interesting facts: 1. We can see from the maps that 80% of the Netherlands' floodplains are protected from a 1 in 250 year river flood and 2. We have modelled 36,544,444km² of land which is protected by flood defences.


UK and Ireland flood maps

There are 4.7 million properties in Great Britain at risk of flooding.

JBA's UK flood data is the UK’s leading tool for flood insurance underwriters, providing high-resolution hazard maps of multiple flood types. Since their first release in 2008, the UK maps benefit from several years of updates, feedback and validation against flood claims. Modelled in JFlow (JBA Risk Management's own highly acclaimed 2D hydraulic model that currently has some 300,000 stream processors in the grid), the hazard maps form part of our UK probabilistic model, and can be used to derive other datasets such as annual damage ratio data.

At 5m resolution the UK flood maps cover six flood perils throughout Great Britain (river, coastal, surface water, groundwater, canal failure and dam break) and three in Ireland (river, coastal and surface water). They remains an invaluable tool for gauging where flooding is likely to occur, right down to individual property level information.


Groundwater Flood Maps of England, Scotland and Wales

JBA’s new stand-alone groundwater flood maps take into account all sources of groundwater flooding thoughout England, Wales and Scotland. They show the hazard due to rising groundwater following periods of prolonged heavy rainfall, as well as where rising river levels may lead to groundwater flooding. The maps are available at two resolutions, 50m and the new high resolution 5m.


Derived Data

Along with our flood maps, we also offer a range of datasets which we derive from them.

Flood hazard scores for all of our hazard maps provide relative degrees of hazard for each cell (or zone) on the map.


Other Perils

We also create bespoke maps and models for flood, freeze, wind (hurricane and storm surge for La Réunion and the French Antilles) and any other peril. Just get in touch.