There is no substitute for the precise geocoding of exposure data. Unfortunately, in many emerging markets, this information is not available to insurers. In this circumstance, re/insurers may be required to use alternative approaches, such as precautionary loading of insurance lines or cautious Probable Maximum Loss (PML) assumptions. Such practice may result in either over or underestimating the realistic flood risk exposure in many emerging market economies. To help provide a better assessment of potential flood risk exposure, JBA has devised FloodStat™. This dataset provides a statistical overview of the relative flood risk at various levels of aggregation and for multiple return periods. Aggregation levels include CRESTA zone and country-specific zip code as well as JBA’s Hydrological Accumulation Zones (HAZ).

FloodStat™ is based on underlying data from JBA’s high resolution flood maps and is available globally. Users are able to assess their relative aggregate exposure against key flood risk metrics such as the maximum and minimum possible depth of flooding as well as the proportion of the area flooded.   

Example FloodStat data

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