Speedy exposure assessment

Our event and scenario footprints provide a simple yet effective means of assessing exposure to a peril. They typically take the form of a map showing the extent and severity of the event. Event footprints are created by combining our flood maps with data that becomes available immediately after a serious event has occurred. Scenario footprints, however, are bespoke maps of a hypothetical event. Both types of footprint are ideal for estimating the cost of claims following the event. 

If we don’t have exactly what you require, we are happy to work with you to produce it.  We can produce footprints wherever we have hazard maps, i.e. worldwide. We offer an annual licence package which guarantees the holder a minimum of one footprint per year but includes, at no extra cost, other footprints of the same peril and geographical region that we produce that year, following major weather events. If no event occurs during the course of a year, clients will receive a scenario footprint.

As part of our growing bank of event and scenario footprints, we have many flood footprints available to license. 


  • UK Scotland event footprint – January 2016
  • UK Storms Eva and Frank flood event footprints – January 2016
  • UK Storm Desmond flood event footprint – December 2015
  • UK Southern England flood event footprint, February 2014
  • UK Xaver flood event footprint - December 2013
  • UK flood event footprint – June/July 2007 
  • UK flood event footprint – Autumn 2000 
  • UK flood event footprint – Easter 1998
  • UK Lloyd’s Thames flood RDS


  • FR Central France and Paris flood event footprint – June 2016
  • FR French Rivera flood event footprint – October 2015
  • Central Europe flood event footprint – June 2013
  • 1/100-year Rhine flood scenario footprint (defended)


  • US Louisiana and Mississippi flood event footprint – August 2016
  • US Houston flooding – April 2016
  • US South Carolina flood event footprint – October 2015
  • TH Chao Phraya flood event footprint - 2011 
  • US Hurricane Andrew storm surge - 1992
  • CN Pearl River Delta scenario footprint


If you’d like us to work on a bespoke project, we’d be more than happy to help – just get in touch