Insured loss database


In many circumstances, reinsurers in emerging markets lack detailed location data on their insured exposure. Because of this, they are often forced to make high level assumptions about their level of potential exposure that can significantly under or over-represent the real flood risk. For this very purpose, JBA has developed an Insured Loss Database (ILD).

Re/insurers can use the ILD to provide key catastrophe loss information about the entire insurance market. With knowledge of their own proportional share of that insured market, clients are able to baseline their potential market exposure, as well as identify low risk areas where more premium could be written without impacting their capital exposure. The ILD includes financial loss information by line of business on Average Annual Loss (AAL), Exceedance Probability (EP), and a 10,000 Year Loss Table (YLT) and is provided at various geographic levels. ILDs are delivered in database format and are available for Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India. 

Example ILD result

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