Jane's Diary: My experience of the Kendal floods 2015 - PART 7

Day 163

Not much on this blog for a while; not much happened apart from drying.  But drying is almost done now and repairs can begin soon. I suppose the walls will go back in first... In the meantime, the contents claim is settled, but nowhere to put new furniture yet.  Day 163 is just over five months so alternative accommodation (6 months worth) is running out soon.. a new place found for an extra three months from July to September, and if the house is ready then that will have been ten months.  Then the questions about what next.

Will it flood again? 

Desmond was of unusual severity. The Kent has been dredged. But Stock Beck, which was the primary source of flood, is the same as it was. So yes, it will flood again; but perhaps not for a while if we are lucky. El Niño is not as strong this year.

Can it be insured?

Flood Re started at the beginning of April and means contents insurance can be obtained at a reasonable rate. But the buildings insurance comes via the owner of the freehold and so will not benefit from Flood Re. Can it be insured?  Sure.  At an affordable rate? We don't know yet.  Buying the freehold is an expensive - but over a few years perhaps less expensive - option than paying increased insurance rates each year.