JBA Risk Management to provide flood data for flood risk and exposure assessment initiative in Canada

JBA Risk Management is providing the flood hazard data which underpins the development and management of flood risk and exposure assessment in Canada. A partnership between LexisNexis Risk Solutions and The Insurance Bureau of Canada has been established to achieve this end. Through LexisNexis® Map View, its risk assessment and exposure management technology where JBA’s data will be integrated, IBC will be able to perform advanced analytics and reporting against millions of data points quickly and efficiently. IBC will be able to clearly identify the number of properties at risk of flooding and the associated economic losses for virtually any geography in Canada. This initiative will provide the basis of understanding necessary for IBC and its stakeholders to have well informed, meaningful discussions about the future of flood-related insurance products and programs in Canada.

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Flooded Calgary Stampede Grandstand, June 2013