JBA Risk Management opens Asia Pacific hub

Led by Dr Iain Willis, our new Singapore office will enable us to strengthen our presence in Asia Pacific, working closely with existing offices in Cambodia and Australia.

He says: “For JBA, it was an obvious step to open our new company office in Singapore. We’ve been supporting individuals and businesses alike for a long time from our UK headquarters but we didn’t feel that was enough, and perhaps more importantly, we’re well aware of the enormous need for improved flood risk management in the region.

“As we look forward in this current decade and further into the 21st century, we perceive this trend as increasing further – for lots of different reasons.

“Population increase and urban infrastructure development throughout Asia Pacific have been dramatic in the last 50 years. With new developments encroaching further onto floodplains, increasing evidence of climate change on precipitation and sea level rise, and mega city land subsidence, lots of factors are playing a pivotal role in increasing flood risk potential.”

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