An Interview with Jill Boulton

Today's Conveyancer

Jill was recently interviewed by Jane Common at Today's Conveyancer and was asked the following questions:

  1. How did you get involved with flood mapping – it’s such a specialised area?
  2. Do you enjoy flood mapping?
  3. Obviously it’s an area that’s become increasingly important?
  4. So now for the science bit – how, exactly, do you create the flood maps?
  5. Do you know how accurate the maps are?
  6. Obviously this information is vital for insurance companies?
  7. How do conveyancers use the maps?
  8. Will Flood Re help those people?
  9. Will it affect JBA?
  10. What’s next for JBA Risk Management?
  11. Will you be taking on more staff?

Read her answers here.