Improving exposure data quality and usability with GfK boundary data

A webinar

The reinsurance industry wrestles with countless “where” questions: "Where" will the next catastrophe hit? "Where" are the most at-risk assets? "Where" should premiums be adjusted to more accurately reflect likely damages? And so on. 

Join this free GfK webinar hosted by Intelligent Insurer to learn how GfK boundary data such as worldwide CRESTA zones help answer these questions by giving users a consistent, unified standard for linking, analyzing, aggregating and displaying risk-related data. A use case by ImageCat demonstrates how GfK boundary data greatly enhances data accuracy and usability. This increases the effectiveness of reinsurance applications such as cat modeling and underwriting and also provides a streamlined means of quickly and intelligently sharing data for reporting purposes.

The webinar is moderated by Wyn Jenkins from Intelligent Insurer and includes presentations by Gavin Lewis, Commercial Director at ImageCat; Christopher Guider, Marketing Manager at GfK; and Matthias Hauschild, Senior Consultant for Geomarketing at GfK.

Gavin Lewis of ImageCat will be presenting a case study using JBA data.

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