Further flooding expected in Midwest United States

Rainfall responsible for flooding in the Midwestern United States is starting to flow into the Ohio River, causing elevated river levels which are expected to last through to next week. Northern Texas is also experiencing elevated flood levels from heavy rainfall.

According to National Weather Service (NWS), several towns and cities are at risk of flooding over the next week:

Dallas – Currently in the middle of a minor flood stage, with a second peak expected, the highest levels of 36.8ft passed on Wednesday. However, a further peak of around 35ft is forecast for Saturday. These levels are then likely to drop by the end of the week. Moderate flooding is to be expected along the river, as seen by reports of several commercial properties on South Lamar Street.

Louisville – Currently rising, forecast to reach moderate flood on Sunday evening, water levels expected to peak at approximately 66ft on Tuesday morning. Likely flooding to riverfront parks in Clarksville and New Albany with some road flooding in places.

Pittsburgh – Forecast to reach minor flood stage for the duration of Sunday evening into Monday, peak levels expected to reach 26.5ft late Sunday before falling. Flooding of this level could impact the State Correctional Institution.

Cincinnati – Currently entering the moderate flood stage at 56ft; flood levels may dip before increasing to a forecasted peak of approximately 60ft on Tuesday morning. There is further potential for this region to experience increasing water levels into the beginning of March.  Significant flooding may be experienced in California, Coney Island, River Downs and New Richmond. Widespread backwater flooding of streams and creeks, as well as many access routes.  Properties at risk.

Evansville – Slowly rising within the minor flood stage, levels are forecast to peak on Tuesday morning at around 46ft. Riverfront properties likely to experience basement flooding, as well as road closures.

Owensboro – Continuing to rise through the moderate flood stage, flood levels are forecast to peak at approximately 47ft on Monday. Low lying areas most likely to be affected.

Huntington – Forecast for minor flood stage over the weekend, potentially reaching moderate stage (55ft) by Wednesday.

Parkersbugh – Continuing to rise until Monday, when levels are forecast to peak at 43ft. This area is expected to lie within the moderate to major flood stages, starting on Saturday.  Property flooding could be expected in Happy Valley and Point Drive areas, with associated flooding of the Little Kanawha River.

Wheeling – Peak water level is expected to be reached on Monday with a forecast level of about 41ft. Minor flood stage expected between Sunday and Tuesday, with a slight break into moderate during early Monday.

Ashland – Forecast to enter the moderate flood stage by Sunday, peaking at approximately 58ft around Tuesday.

Portsmouth – Currently within the minor flood stage, flooding may dip before increasing to the moderate stage by Monday. Forecasted peak water levels of 58ft expected by Tuesday. Potential to bring flooding to residents of New Boston and Fullerton.

Weirton – Forecast to enter the moderate flood stage, water levels are expected to peak at roughly 38ft on Monday.

As the peak flood levels are yet to occur, we'll produce further updates as the situation develops. If you’d find more information on the event useful, please email eventresponse@jbarisk.com