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Event Response

Our specialist event response team monitors global conditions to ensure you can respond rapidly as major flood events occur.

Act Fast To Understand The Impact On Your Business

We recognise the importance of responding quickly to major flood events and our event response team is here to help you understand the impact on your business. With specialists monitoring conditions globally, from flash floods to prolonged rainfall events, we can help you assess and manage the risk efficiently and effectively.

Our team provides expert commentary, guidance and data and, in the aftermath, we assess the impact first-hand, integrating our findings into our maps and models to ensure they remain cutting-edge for future events.

Our Events Response page is coming soon. There you will find flood lists, flood extent footprints, event reports and commentary for active events, as well as an event archive.

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We offer a range of services to help you understand and mitigate flood risk. From flood mapping and catastrophe modelling to bespoke consultations and an event response team, we’re here to help.

Catastrophe Models

Our suite of high-resolution catastrophe models and event sets utilise the latest science to assess the potential severity and frequency of flood losses to global property portfolios.

Maps And Analytics

Our market-leading high-resolution global flood maps and analytics enable users to understand and manage their flood risk, using the latest research and innovation.


We work on a bespoke basis to offer unique solutions to your flood risk problems, from single site assessments and flood defence design to portfolio optimisation and tailored model builds, working with you to meet your needs.

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Blog Catastrophe Modelling For The Future

As scientists expect to see a continued change in our UK climate, we've developed our UK Climate Change Flood Model to explore how this will really affect your risk.

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News New UK Climate Change Flood Model

Our new UK Climate Change Flood Model projects that annualised flood losses for UK residential properties could rise by 25-30% as a result of climate change.

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Blog How well do you know your flood model?

Understanding the key differentiators between flood models is vital for users. Without this information, it’s impossible for to formulate an accurate view of their risk.

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News Updated JBA UK Flood Model

Our updated 2018 UK Flood Model enables building level analysis across the whole of the United Kingdom.

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