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Louisiana and Mississippi flooding August 2016

A slow-moving low pressure weather system caused intense and prolonged rainfall over Louisiana and southwest Mississippi in mid-August 2016. Record-breaking river flows were observed and the severe flooding that followed resulted in damage to tens of thousands of homes.

Extent of flooding in Louisiana and southwest Mississippi in August 2016

JBA and Met Office Winter (2013-14) storms update

Residential property claims expected to be lower than in 2007

Despite the extreme weather that the UK has been experiencing since December 2013, and the wettest December to January period since records began, claims for flood insurance are expected to be significantly lower than those following the summer floods of 2007.  Current estimates are at around £630 million and could rise to £1 billion.  The figure was nearer to £3 billion in 2007. 

JBA and Met Office UK Winter storms December 2013 - January 2014

UK winter storms have produced the stormiest December since 1969, the wettest December in Scotland since 1910 and the highest storm surge since 1953. What has been causing this series of exceptional events and how heavy might the losses associated with it be?

India and Canada June 2013 floods comparison

JBA Risk Management and the Met Office have compiled a comparison of the floods which struck both India and Canada concurrently in June 2013.

JBA and Met Office: Central European Floods June 2013 (as of 11 June)

Lessons have been learned since floods hit Central Europe in 2002 and economic loss for 2013 is expected to be lower in the countries affected so far.

JBA and Met Office November 2012 UK Floods

The Background

Throughout the last ten days of November alone, the North East Midlands and South West of England experienced above the average rainfall expected for the entire month. Following on from the second wettest summer since records began, the precipitation was falling on already saturated ground, leading to widespread flooding across many parts of the country.

Post-tropical storm Sandy: October 2012

The Background

Millions of homes and businesses were destroyed or damaged by post-tropical storm Sandy earlier this week as it made landfall on the US east coast after sweeping up through the Caribbean.With a full moon on Monday 29 October causing a spring tide, Sandy brought a surge to the Eastern Seaboard that was over 13ft high in some places.

UK flooding: April to July 2012 JBA and Met Office


After a very dry start to the year across the UK, 2012 has seen record breaking amounts of rainfall. The months of April and June were both individually the wettest since records began in 1910, with the period from April through June also seeing unprecedented accumulations of rainfall for the UK.