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Climate and Calamity: a historical perspective

Author: Jake Bailey

If you were stripped of all the trappings of modern society – smartphone, computer, TV and radio all out of action - how would you predict the weather for that day, week, month or year? 

The EGU General Assembly 2015

A first-timer's view

Author: Alexander Walsh

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2015 took place at the Austria Centre Vienna between 12 and 17 April and was attended by around 12,000 geoscientists from 108 countries. Four of these attendees were from JBA Risk Management; I was one of them.

Floods and the March moon


Author: Rebecca Alexandre

Recent sensational reports about potential flooding from ‘supertides’ might have temped us to point the finger of blame at carbon emissions, global warming or climate change.  However, in this case we should be turning our attention to the moon.

Act now, save later

Author: Iain Willis

Conveyancing Risk in Your Area: Northamptonshire

Impressions of India


Having wanted to travel to India for many years, I have now finally had the chance to spend a week there. What I found when I got there wasn’t quite what I’d expected. I had imagined back-packers, hostels and street food, instead of which I found myself in a business suit and a very smart hotel, the Trident, Bandra Kurla, Mumbai. We were very comfortable throughout our stay there.

Mapping the Future of Housing

What it was all about

Yesterday, a couple of us went along to Cadcorp's housing management conference, "Mapping the Future of Housing" in Manchester. Hosted by Fergus Craig and Simon Parker, the event showcased Cadcorp's geographic information system and how it could be used to great effect by housing associations in managing their property portfolios.  The day culminated in an exciting whistle-stop tour of the functionality of Cadcorp's GIS.

Power stations - mapping your defences


More or less flooded

Flooding - the personal costs

The London Beer Flood


Exactly two hundred years ago today, over one million pints of beer flooded London’s Tottenham Court Road when the vats from a local porter brewery gave way.